Upload pdf

Since one of the last updates off the my cloud app android I can no more do an upload android to my cloud.
“This system will not be supported”

Phone Samsung S10+ Android 9
Or als Tablet Samsung A4 Android 8

I have a PDF on my device.
Equal if produced by another person
Or with my device or an pdf creation by polaris or open office.
The only one… I can produce a pdf py my windows PC but no more by android

Who can help me??

@Pmwwmp Have you looked at the User Manual for the My Cloud Home?

Yes I have read it. After that it should work. But do not do it. And that since one of the last updates

That’s why I write here

@Pmwwmp what version of the My Cloud Mobile app are you using?
Is the pdf on the local storage or from some other place like Box or Dropbox or something?
It’s probably best to provide step by step details of what you are trying to do and when the problem occurs so that the community can help you.

2.0. 3 (1138) Android 9

All PDF on my phone or my tablet.
Another cloud I no more have… Only my cloud… Wd

@Pmwwmp You have posted in the My Cloud Home sub-forum, is that what you own? Where did you see that the Samsung S10 is not supported or your tablet? Where did the PDF come from, did you create it on your devices?

Equal… If I created it my self or not…
I get always this

Is the PDF on your internal memory or a SD card?

To upload using the My Cloud app I would do this, see image below.

The PDF would have to be on your device and your device has to work with the My Cloud App. There are still questions you did not answer.

Yes, I use My Cloud home
Since 11 March I have the 10+. Before I had the S8 with the same problem
And also with Android Tablet

8 have taken the PDF from SD and from internal disc
I guess since February I have this problem. Before that I used my file Manager… Shared the PDF with Mycloud and after a view second it was on my cloud.

Pretty clear message to me as to why it’s not working

Files can not be downloaded
Application not supported


But till February 2019 it was