Upgrading windows domain to 2008 - will the WD NAS keep working?

Dear all,

i have a WD my book world edition II NAS device (ver 01.02.0) currently working well with a windows 2003 mix mode domain.

i would like to install a windows 2008 domain controller in my domain and eventually remove the 2003 one.

My question is, during the upgrade process you MUST update the domain scheme and ( i believe) must move to native mode. Meaning there’s no way back.

Since i have noticed this NAS device have issues with windows 7 i am asking does it support at all windows 2008 domains and their security modes?

Thank you


Anyone? :cry:

Well dude, as far as I know: no.

The MBW has issues just with WS 2003, so it’s likely to be worse on WS 2008.

too bad it **bleep**, not sure what’s so hard about it - i’ve got tones of linux devices all work fine.

i’ve created a test enviorment and after all was tested i can say:

windows 2003 ADS - works

windows 2008 on ADS 2003 - works

windows 2008 ADS - NO! good

hope it helps everyone else