Upgrading Smartware to work with El Capitan

I have just upgraded to El Capitan and now I am told that WD SmartWare is no longer compatible with this new OXS. Is there someone out there who will tell me (preferably in plain language) how I can find and install an updated version of WD SmartWare ???
Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Hi, unfortunately there is no version of WD Smartware for Mac OS X El Capitan. I would recommend you to create an idea post in the Software and apps section.


Thank you for your prompt response to my plea for assistance.
I am amazed … no … apalled that it appears I have this external disk drive which is of no use whatsoever !!!
Am I correct in that thinking?

All too often it seems that computer softerware designers overlook the close associations their product with have with others around them.
Some of us can’t afford to simply throw away pieces of hardware.