Upgrading firm ware using files

Dear Forum,

I just got a new drive (a RMA replacement, which should really install the latest firmware… but that’s a separate topic) with firmware “02.10.12-129” installed. I would like to update it to “02.11.09-053”.

However, I do NOT have internet access for this drive.

(I use mobile 3G card for normal internet access, and the drive is on a private LAN that’s used as backup and a media server.)

So I cannot use the upgrade from dashboard option. I would like to know if the firmware upgrade for 02.11.09 is available for download somewhere. And if anyone has any experiences upgrading to it using file options?



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You should be safe upgrading from that firmware to 02.11.09-053
Here is the download Link


Before you upgrade turn on SSH in the MBL dashboard in case something goes wrong.
It will give you a backdoor in to fix issues

In web browser
tick enable