Upgrading disk in Apple Time Capsule

Hello, I have an Apple Time Capsule 4th Gen. 2Tb Model A1409. We use it to back up 2 IMacs and a Macbook and the 2Tb drive is full and deleting older backups, I would like to replace the disk with a 4Tb disk and I would be grateful for your recommendation, The most suggestions i have found seem to be for a Caviar Green, I also came across a document showing a WD drive with the Apple logo on the label. There also seems to be a problem with some disks not spinning down or ‘sleeping’ when required, that is essential, or it will get hot, consume extra power and have a shorter life. Many thanks for your help. Jim T

I have not seen dedicated discussions related to what you would like to accomplish. Have you tried looking for advice in Apple-related forums? Recommendations are not viable without a set criteria related to hardware requirements and compatibility limitations.