Upgrading a SATA I Fujitsu 160GB HDD with a new WD SATA II 1TB HDD

I want to upgrade the HDD of my Toshiba Satellite A105-S4384 laptop, which originally came with a Fujitsu 160GB (4200 RPM, 2.5” HDD), with a SATA I interface (1.5GB/s bandwidth).  This original Fujitsu drive is 12.5mm height.

My question is:

can I upgrade the HDD of my old Satellite A105 with a new WD Blue or Black Mobile Hard Drive (2.5", SATA II - 3Gbit/s, 5400RPM, 8MB Cache) of 1TB or 750GB capacity?

Hi the blue drives and black drives are sata 3gb/s  and your sata controller should find it no problem. As for bios recognizing the size it should find a 750 or 1 tb. The black drives are of course faster and have a 5 year warranty. The only people that can tell you for sure if it will work is Toshiba but I have had no problems updating laptop drives. It is always good to check for a bios update as that would help in recognizing the drive.

Thanks Hammey for your advice. I checked Toshiba’s site, and saw that my old machine apparently accepts 2.5” Solid State Drives, SATA II & III interface, so I assume that it should also accept WD’s SATA II interface HDD of 750 or 1TB capacity. Disk capacity seems not to be an issue for my aged Satellite. However the “autospeed negotiation protocol” of WD’s HDD Scorpio line, could eventually be an issue for my Satellite’s SATA I controller; I wonder? Which are the WD’s simplest HDD models, of 500GB to 1TB capacity, and which are still in the market, of the SATA II generation, which most probably are back-compatible with the old SATA I controller of my Satellite?