Upgraded to WDTV Live, new videos won't play on WDTV G1

Hi, I have a WDTV HD Gen 1 and a WDTV Live and have videos stored on a WD Elements 1TB drive.

The Elements HD used to be hooked up to the old WDTV Gen 1, but I have since upgraded last year to the Live

The videos show up and play normally on the WDTV Live, however NEWER videos (which I’ve added to the HD after using it with the Live) fail to play on the WDTV Gen 1, even their associated thumbnail won’t display.

What should I do? I’ve tried resetting the Gen 1 to factory default, leaving it unplugged etc to no avail; I’m afraid of tinkering with the .wdtv folder incase it screws up something with the WDTV Live.

Thanks in advance

The .wd-tv folder is just a cache and a database of the media library.

You can delete it without risk.  In fact, I suggest you do.

If it DOES screw up something, then it’s something else going on.