Upgraded firmware to 2.10.310 - now what?

Finally got MCM running how I wanted with FTP working and all streaming services off so I decided to risk it all and upgrade firmware to 2.10.310. Main reason was security hole concerns.

Initial impressions:
The dark theme was much easier on the eyes.
With all of the issues reported on the forums I’ve never seen one that the UI was too dark. Probably one person on a focus group liked a brighter screen…

My available space immediately before was 3.6TB after was 3.74TB
(I’m in JBOD with 2 4TB drives)

Anything else I should look out for?

At least from my experiences so far:

  • SMB response seems much quicker, especially the lag between initial connection and response whilst the drives wake up and get their act together is much faster (although I don’t have the power-saving stuff enabled)

  • The front-panel LEDs are now always on when the unit is in standby (maybe a bug).

  • You are able to read the current size (now much space used) for each share under the individual shares entry in the shares menu.

  • The CPU usage seems a bit more controlled, it’s not always stuck at 100% like it used to be.

I think the lights are on because there is something constantly running. See my latest post:

My lights are in this order after turning things off and rebooting and giving a it a hour or so after the reboot. I am new to the MIrror but guessing its sleeping LED Pulsing blue slowing, other 2 Solid Blue


It used to be when the drives were off, the drive LEDs (the lower two) also went off, which to most of us made more sense.

I don’t think its a bug tho unless they says so. It’s probably just who ever programmed it intended it to be. Has anyone from WD say anything yet?

Not that I’ve seen, but it was repeatedly reported here just after the new firmware came out (as the previous version did it “properly” and turned off the LEDs when the drives were inactive).

That was what I’ve been saying for ages, but unfortunately was brutally ignored. :frowning: