Upgrade to not working

Hi! After upgrading to my Smartware simply stop working. I can see the WD Smartware Icon on the bottom right part of my screen but the status windows do not work and program doesn´t start when I tray to open it. I have already unistall it, installed again the 1.4.x.x. and tried to upgrade it again with out any luck. I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bits. Service Pack 1. 



Uninstall Smartware, clean the registry with CCleaner and then try again

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I followed the instructions to uninstall, clean with Ccleaner, etc and this program still isn’t working.  I uninstalled once before and the program worked again briefly but now it’s not working again.  Very frustrating.  Any other suggestioins?

I also did all that and still not working.