Upgrade ShareSpace with 2 x 1TB RAID1 to 4 x 2TB

Current config:  2 x 1TB drives RAID1

Desired config:  4 x 2TB drives RAID5

My current RAID1 volume is full.  I’ve purchased 4 x WD20EARS hard drives.  Can anyone recommend the best way to go about this upgrade while retaining all of the data?

Thanks for your responses.

That is not a supported configuration and will probably not work, but I can guarantee that the only way to keep the data already on the ShareSpace is to copy it onto another drive while you are working with the ShareSpace.  Please have a good backup before attempting anything else!

Nathan_H, thank you for your prompt reply.  I will backup the data to another drive before attempting an upgrade.

Could you please elaborate on what component or components of this configuration are not supported?  RAID5, 4 drives, the 2TB drives?