Upgrade Notebook hard drive with the result of: "device descriptor request failed code 43 windows 10"

Gateway NV55C drive upgrade. 500GB > !TB. I purchased a WD10JPLX & StarTech USB 3.0 to 2.5 SATA HDD/SSD w UASP cable. When I connect the cable to the laptop it is not recognized by the system as referenced with the error above. I have researched this and tryed different attempts to get the system to recognize the drive so I can clone my existing drive to it. I am a loss on what course of action to make next. Do you have a solution? Could it possible be the cable? A setting I am unaware of? I also, have my system backed up to a CMS drive with Bounceback software that I used for a full system backup that I thought would be bootable. I installed the new drive in the laptop copied from the backup drive to the new drive successfully but it is missing files in the MBR. I get a screen that tells me to use some tools to correct. i don’t have any software tools for that either. I assume you must have something to get this done. Please help.


It could be the cable. I have never used this type of adapters. Lets see if another user has an idea about this issue.