Upgrade firmware by command line?

How can I upgrade MBL with the newest firmware not using the dashboard (because it’s not working).

I read it must be possible by command line… but how?

There is a post in this community that sais to download the latest firmwarefile from wdc.com to the public folder of the MBL. I did that… but from that point i’m lost…

  • How can I enter the promptline from the MBL?

  • How can I make a script (if needable)

I’m using Windows 7 and the MBL is connected via my Sitecom WL351 router. Not using Tonky etc…

The easiest way would have been if you has enabled SSL. Did you enable SSL so you can access the Linux operating system in your MBL?

Luckly that was on!

I got it working again it by using ‘putty’ in combination with a command line I got from this forum and the firmware file from wdc.com… FINALY it is working again… Me happy!

i dont have ssh on… 

is their another way?

i’m seeing a lot of duplicate threads today, so I’ll dupicate answer

if quickview in your notification bar (windows) is talking to the MBL (accurate usage reading and temp reading) you can run an update from the quickview.  right click the icon and select UPDATE.  the update status will be reflected in the hover-over dialogue.

THAT, does not show up for me in the quick view

Same here. (Thought I would check.)

WD QuickView menus

There is, but it takes some doing and you have to determine if it is worth the effort and voiding the warranty.

On the WD’s controller there are solder pads which is a serial console.   With the correct voltage converter/buffer you could connect the MBL to your computer using a serial port to at least get at the Linux console as the root user and then issue the one command to begin the update.

The instructions on how to do this are somewhere on the Internet.  It does also means opening up the case.  It is a pity WD didn’t make a option for de-bricking the WD in case something goes wrong, like the Web Dashboard UI dies.

Best advise I can give to anyone is to enable SSH regardless if it’ll be used or not and might be a wise idea to change the root user password from the default.  (Reset button restores that password back to it’s default if it’s forgotten.)