Upggrading WD MyBook 2TB firmware under Linux


My configuration is

Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz × 2

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

2 2TB WD MyBook Essentials

One has firmware version 1007, the other has version 1012

Is there a way to upgrade my 2TB MyBook firmware with such a configuration?

Hello mate,

I haven’t seen a firmware update for linux system yet.

 AFAIK WD Drives and app are not fully compatible with linux

I have 2 WD MyBook 2TB formatted in EXT3 (Linux file system).

I use them for backup with a very smart programm (LuckyBackup)

They are working very nicely and flawlessly.

I can even read the version number of the microcode with standard linux tools.

In my opinion these drives are fully compatible with Linux.

I wonder why a Microsoft program is needed to push a firmware update over an USB link.

And as there is an Apple version, why not a Linux one : MacOS X is just an Unix, as Linux is.

Another point I missed in my post :

When connecting for the first time such a drive, under Linux it appears magically without all the fuss of

“New hardware detected” … wait wait wait

“Looking for drivers” … wait again

and if you are lucky it ends by " New hardware ready" .

So I repeat : Linux is more compatible with these drives than Microsoft…


the drive is fully compatible with Linux

Linux is not a supported OS on these drives. I wouldn’t worry about doing the firmware update unless you are having problems with the drive. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


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Just one point about your post :

A disc drive is a piece of hardware which is inherently not linked to any OS.

Second point : if there is an update in the microcode there must be a reason…

Hence my request to get the latest microcode…

As usual, the hardware providers are windows-minded and I wonder how muche they are paid for this…