Updating Remote Access Domain Address

I just replaced the router in my home network and now I am unable to access the file management interface of my MyCloud server. I am able to access the device through my admin interface (MyCloudEX2Ultra.local). And when I view the network info it shows me the new and correct IP address for the MyCloud device. However, when I attempt to access the device through “files.mycloud.com” I get an error telling me I can’t connect to MyCloudEX2Ultra. Intuitively, it seems that the problem is that “files.mycloud.com” is not resolving to the new correct IP address but I am at a loss to figure out how to update this. Has anyone run into this before and can advise me on how to update my configuration? Thanks.

This sure sounds like a router “port forwarding” problem.

Thinking harder. . . I bet the router is acting as a good firewall and doesn’t have open ports that allow traffic from outside the network to get inside the network. I presume your intent is to reach you NAS away from home?

If you go into the router configuration settings. . . .there should be a way to “authorize” the service to get through. I don’t have access to my NAS drives at the moment to verify the setup.