Updating Firmware

 After searching these forums, I found that in order to use my 3TB hd, I need to update the firmware…fair enough.

My problem is, I am unable to access my network from where the unit is, and when I have placed the 4 files in a jump drive, no firmware update was found.

 The steps I took for the usb:

  • downloaded the required file

  • extracted it to desktop, then moved the files to the jump drive (only files on the drive)

  • ejected the jumpdrive, and placed it in the WDTV Live Plus player

  • selected the settings icon, and searched for the firmware update icon

  • no change after 10 minutes

Any help would be appreciated

You would need to tell us what WD Live you have, what firmware you are currently running and what you trying to update to. Are you sure you have the correct firmware for the unit you are attempting to update.

Taking your advice from the last line of your reply, I paid closer attention, and found I was looking at the current model’s firmware. I have a WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player, and when I saw it on the side, I was able to locate the appriopriate firmware file.

 Thank you for your help, saved me from throwing something expensive around.