Updated to new firmware + Access to iTunes remotely

Hi guys,

just bought a My Cloud believing I could do one thing : Being able to store my music on My Cloud and access it remotely via a mount drive or else to play my music on iTunes.

After hours of reading and searching, I came to the conclusion that My Cloud is not at all done for that, and I may regret my purchase very quickly.

Am I right on this ? Should I return my product to get refunded ?

I also tried to manually update to the latest firmware with the My Cloud 3 OS. It worked fine. I have the new interface. But I was wondering if that new upgrade would allow me to do what I want to do with my music ?

Thanks for a lot for you replies

Anyone can help me out on this ? Sorry for the bump guys but I need to know kinda fast if I want to get a refund at the store…

Thanks a lot

Generally iTunes, outside of the iTunes Store connection, accesses music on the local network. It is typically not capable of accessing content (non iTunes Store) remotely off site unless one has some sort of connection (like a VPN) to that content.

It may be possible, but I’ve never tried it, to remotely off site map a drive, if WD2Go.com was working, and have iTunes access and use that drive as part of the iTunes library. But generally the iTunes media server included with the WD My Cloud is designed to be used on the local network, not remotely offsite. Don’t know off hand if there are any network attached storage (NAS) type drives that have what you seek, the ability to have the iTunes server on the NAS accessed remotely without some sort of VPN tunnel or the like.

When one is offsite remotely they can use the WD My Cloud Desktop app, the WD My Cloud apps for Android and ITunes to play certain media content stored on the WD My Cloud remotely.

Thanks for your reply Bennor.

I think you maybe did not really understand what I’m trying to achieve, or maybe I didn’t understand you :wink:

I’ll explain again :

  • I want to store my mp3 files on my WD My Cloud
  • My iTunes Library files will still be located on my Macbook (the iTunes Music Library.xml you know ?)
  • I don’t want to use the “iTunes Media Server” feature of the WD My Cloud

In fact I’m already doing that with an external HDD via USB, where my music is stored. So I just want to do the same thing, but remotely.

I also heard I could do that with a FTP access and mount the drive via Expandrive or Transmit for example. Could that work ?


Its not clear what you mean by using the word “remotely”.

Are you using iTunes on the local network and simply want to include the WD My Cloud in the iTunes library?

Or do you want to be ouside of your local network at some offsite location (lke at work) and use iTunes to access your WD My Cloud (like at your home)?

From the sounds of it by “remotely” you mean you will be connecting to the WD My Cloud while connected to your local networks within your home/current location. If so one can access their WD My Cloud and its iTunes supported content from within iTunes by selecting the “house” icon (don’t know what Apple calls it) from within iTunes and from the drop down list select your WD My Cloud. The WD My Cloud User Manual if you haven’t read it already explains, generally in Chapter 12 Playing/Streaming Videos, Photos, & Music, how to use iTunes with the WD My Cloud.

One can copy or move their media to the WD My Cloud and configure iTunes so it treats the WD My Cloud as part of its iTunes “library”. There are past threads ( like this one) that exlain how to do it. See the following Apple Support links for more information.

Back up your iTunes library by copying it to an external drive

Move your iTunes Media folder on a Windows PC

If you are trying to access the WD My Cloud while at a remote location that is not connected to your local networks then without the use of a VPN or similar connections into the local network it isn’t possible with the iTunes software alone. As explained in my post above one would have to create some sort connection, like through a VPN, to the local network so one can then allow iTunes to access the WD My Cloud at home. It might be possible to enable FTP on the WD My Cloud and use some sort of app or software on the Macintosh to connect and map that FTP connection as a shared drive so iTunes could then access and use the mapped drive (or FTP connection) as part of its “library”. Do a Google search for “itunes access library remotely” for many discussions on how to accomplish this, possibly using FTP.

Yes you’re right when I say “remotely” I mean at work while my WD My Cloud will be at my home.

So you either suggest a VPN or a FTP access ?


I tried the FTP access in fact.

So I followed what I found on another thread ( last post here)

I did the port forwarding on my router.

But I get a problem with expandrive and transmit (the 2 app that can mount as a drive…) and also filezilla, and what’s fun is I can connect with cyberduck and via terminal, but it’s useless as I can’t mount it as a drive with those software…

Here is the error in Filezilla, maybe someone could help ?

So you see it’s connecting well, but there is this line I don’t understand :

Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.

 Thanks !

A quick google comes up with useful-looking hits:


in particular:


where an app called Slink is recommended for this purpose, and seems well received. I suspect Slink is similar to Expandrive.


Slink is available on the Mac app store.


I’m not sure FTP is the appropriate protocol to use, since I doubt that iTunes uses FTP to access its media library.

If you’re not self-employed, it is likely that your employer will not be happy if you set up a VPN, since it is a way of bypassing security; our corporate net nanny won’t even let me look at the Slinkware website, citing:

Category: “Technology/Internet;Remote Access Tools”

Thanks cpt_paranoia for the reply.

Slink seems like a good app, but unfortunately I think I won’t be able to use it. As this app works by installing 2 different programs, one on your remote Mac and one on your “home” mac. I don’t see how I can install an app on WD My Cloud…

As this app works by installing 2 different programs, one on your remote Mac and one on your “home” mac. 

Right. I did say I couldn’t see the Slinkware website…

Sounds rather like a solution I’ve tried, which is to run BubbleUPnP Server on a little Android media box, which allows BubbleUPnP to see the DLNA server on the MyCloud.  Obviously no good for Apple things…

SeFii wrote:


Slink seems like a good app, but unfortunately I think I won’t be able to use it. As this app works by installing 2 different programs, one on your remote Mac and one on your “home” mac. I don’t see how I can install an app on WD My Cloud…

And there in lies the problem. Your trying to do something that isn’t supported (officially) by the WD My Cloud or by iTunes. Hence the need to run a separate server software program on a local computer with access to the WD My Cloud and a client software program on the remote off site location computer that will allow the iTunes software to see and access the WD My Cloud contents.

As mentioned above, currently, the easiest solution is use either the WD My Cloud Desktop app or the WD My Cloud app for iOS or Android and (provided remote access is enabled on the WD My Cloud that contains media) play the music that way rather than using iTunes. It may not be what you want but it will allow you play the music in a easy fashion while at work or some other offsite/remote location.

Finally I managed to mount My Cloud via FTP with Expandrive or Transmit. But it’s just so slow and buggy as **bleep** ! :frowning:

I think this device is really not made for what I want it to, and thus I’ll try to get a refund…

Too bad !

Thanks for your replies guys :slight_smile: