Updated Firmware 1.06.15_V Library Issues

My unit upgraded via the internet and since then I have erratic and unresponsive behavior from the video menu. It seems to be associated wit the Library as every time I now plug in a USB drive which has already been indexed it starts again as if its a new drive. Once folders does show up on the selection it says no media present and then about 10 minutes later it shows the media. Unfortunately the problem doesn’t stop there it then proceeds to jump all around the menu when trying to select a movie to watch.

NONE of this occurred until this update.

Any suggestions?

You can always roll back to the previous version of the frimware that was working for you.

Firmware Rollback

Rolling back seems to be a good suggestion, if the menuing isn’t working for you.

But the drive should be being re-scanned if you re-attach it.  That’d be the only way for new content to be added to the library.

If the drive stays attached during that power-on session, then the WDTV can keep using the existing Library because nothing will have changed, but if you disconnect the drive and re-attach it, or power the WDTV off and then back on, the WDTV would have no clue what’s been added or deleted.  It can’t just assume that the existing library is still valid.

Even if it were to check the dates on the files to see if any are newer than the last library compilation, that would still involve scanning the drive to look for the files’ dates, wouldn’t it? :wink:

For that matter, if you buy 2 My Book Essentials drives, because they’re bulk formatted at the factory and a whole batch will have the same identifier, there’s a good chance that the second one doesnt initially show up under Windows, because Windows sees it as the same drive attached twice – you have to either re-format the drive, or force Windows to mount it.  So, if you haven’t had a new drive identifier issued under Windows, the WDTV would have no way of knowing whether the “same drive” is really the same physical device, or just the same identifier on a different drive.  But I don’t think the WDTV uses the identifier at all… I think it just sees “new device connected” and scans it for any changes.