Update for My Book Essential

Hello. I’m new to this forum and to WD in general and I need some advice. I just installed a My Book Essential drive. I will admit I am computer stupid and know even less about this device. I haven’t performed a backup yet. I wanted to do an update first. The instructions on how to update says something that concerns me and that is :

  • Before updating the firmware on your My Book or My Passport drive, make sure you have an additional copy of your important information.

 Just what is this referring to? Is it an additional copy of what’s on the My Book? If so, how do you make an additional copy. As I mentioned, I haven’t made a backup yet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


We recommend that you make a copy of whatever data you have on your MyBook before proceeding with the firmware update.  However, before you update your drive, what version does SmartWare identify for your drive on the “Settings” tab when you click the “Set Up Drive” button?