Update folder/movie pictures, very slow?

Hi WD TV community peeps. 

I’ve got a little problem over here;

I’ve been trying to add covers to some movies lately, *movie.mkv* \ *movie.jpg* like that.

I saw that I had a wrong picture to a movie today, so I change it, but the same picture on wd tv is the old one. WHy doesn’t it update?

also; lets say I got batman.mkv, and use batman.jpg to show the movie cover. Is there any way to hide movie.jpg in the wd tv… so i dont have 2 pictures. Seems like i got 2 of the same movie, but one file is the .jpg and the other is the .mkv (same with folder.jpg file) can we hide them?

EDIT: It’s via the Network Shares. (if that has anything to say)

Welcome to the forums.

The first issue is common on local drives but not on net shares – they should update whenever you go out and come back in.

The second issue is long standing – WD knows but thinks it’s not important to fix (and my hunch is we’ll *never* see it fixed).

Thanks for the answer mate.

The first issue: hmm, is there by any chance that its something wrong with my wd tv? hmm.

The second issue, is it only on the network shares?

And at the same time, is it impossible to make sheets with Networkshares? It only shows as a normal picture.

Hmm, now it only shows the pictures first, and the movies afterwards without a picture on it. sigh.

There isnt any mod wich fix this? OSD or something.

The first issue can be solved by deleting the wd tiny folder/file on any locally attached drive – it has nothing to do with net share info, though.

You can’t make sheets or in any way customize your movie display other than put your own thumbnails in.  The third party firmware *does* allow you to do this (although it’s not supposed to work well for net shares).  Look up B-Rad if you are interested.

It’s this last issue that’s making me order a Popbox (even though I have three Live units and am otherwise pleased with them).  Whether it solves the problem or not is something only time will tell.