Update experience Firmware Version 2.11.140 (3/29/16)

What’ is everyones experience applying this update?

all my units updated without problems during last night.

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Updated sucessfully

My EX4100 is now invisible to itunes. I hit itunes database refresh on the dashboard and it now sits at 0% initializing…

After the fw update to 2.11.140 the new fw is causing problems with the antivirus app (clamAV = wd antivirus app)

I just came home and the NAS was hot and fan was screaming. I checked processes - cpu is running pn 100% /180 processes, memory is fully occupied (5gb). And alarm says " Scheduled antivirus scan started" (1,5 hours ago)

What on earth!?

The app isnt running, the switch is set off. There arent no configurations for scheduling anything for antivirus app.

Updated from 1.06.133 to 2.11.140. Surprised to see that everything works so far ( Power ON/OFF scheduler, remote backup ). All settings were kept from the old firmware, i had nothing to redo.
I guess it payed off to wait until now and not hurry into previous releases.

PS: only one notice…very wierd choice to rename the SHUT DOWN button to Hibernate.