Update 3.01.19 Random Fast Forwarding Movies

is it just me or my movies are fast forwarding randomly after the Update to 3.01.19 where it never did before?

good news with new update, my DNS problem is gone now i have a new problem LOL

Do you mean randomly out of control fastfoward when you are doing it, or while you are watching a movie it fastforward by it self?

Try resetting the device by pressing the bottom paperclip button for a couple of seconds and then releasing with the unit fully booted up. This sometimes overcomes problems after a firmware update. You may lose your ‘Get Content info’ but your media files will be OK.

does the picture stop before the fast forwarding process kicks in?

I have connected my WD Media Player wirelessly to My Book Live Network Storage. While playing movies from this shared drive, the movies randomly starts playing in “fast forward” mode (the media player is still in normal play mode). Once I pause the movie and restart it, it seems to work fine for some time, then it goes back to the same “fast forward” mode. Anybody has any resolution for this?