Upates firmware etc

I have both WD My Book 2T and MY Book Essentials 1T .

My operating system is Win 8.1.

There is no problem.

I only plug them in at the end of the month and perform a system image with Macrium.

My question is, because they are about 3-4 yers old, should I be concerned with updates or firmware? If I have to update please advise and how do I save my images?

I do not want to lose the images on the drives but do not want to be vulnerable either.

Thank you


P.S. HI to freiter Soto if he is still there.

If the drives are working OK I would not update the firmware. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t update mine.


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Actually I removed the smartware when I go them so updates/firmware would prbably not alpply. I agree with the “ain’t broke don’t fix it” but wanted to hea rsomeone else say it.

No trouble in 4 years, knock on wood, and with 8.1 compatibility too - lucky so far.

Wrong, smartware has nothing to do with firmware updates you can still do it easily with the WD Firmware Updater.

I wouldn’t ever do a firmware upgrade on a WD drive though. My 1st 2 TB Passport’s speed went down from 150MB/S to 80 MB/s after the firmware update and there is no way to restore it back to factory firmware.

Same mistake I did again with my 3TB My Book, used to get around 450MB/S with the stock firmware. I updated, and now I can be lucky if I get 100 MB/S

WD has the worst firmware update time ever! and what’s worse, they don’t offer you to downgrade! total [Deleted - Trancer]


Thanks for the reply. I did not know about the difference before.

I think that is shameful about the WD irreversible firmware update. I hope something works out for you and I’ll know better.



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