Unusual network utilization

I updated the firmware on my hard drive the other day, decided to turn on media share, and also moved some files around. Since then I’ve turned media share off because the hard drive seems to be constantly working (about 1 week). After some searching I came across a page talking about a process hanging where it became “Unable to find a transcoder” amongst other things. I used SHH and have tuned off the scan and I believe have solved this issue.

Along with the constant transcoding that seemed to be going on, my router is reporting a high level of uploads occurring on my network. I think it’s related and I’d like to monitor the network activity of my WD hard drive. I’d like to use PRTG but I am having a hard time setting up the sensors to monitor traffic and packet sniff. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Specifically I having issues determining if this is a Windows system (PRTG is reporting this) or a UNIX system and then what are my login credentials.

Is there any other packet sniffing applications that you’d recommend to see what traffic is being uploaded?



I’ll try that, thanks