Unsecure connectivity blocked by my admin, now what?


My work security profiles now prevent connecting to a network resource that is unsecured, and I can’t get a connection to my NAS. In the past I’ve been able to create an authenticated share and connect, but now even that isn’t working because the and I’m getting occasional errors that an attempt to use NTLM authentication has been blocked by the security settings.

Can I change the WDMyCloud to use a different protocol? I can’t find anything in the user interface like that…


What My Cloud model do you have? Are you connecting to that My Cloud on the same local network or is that My Cloud on a remote network?


Are you trying to connect from your work place computer? If yes, have you ask them why you can no longer do this? It is probably for the security of the workplace computers.


I have a work provided computer which is blocking this traffic as it is deemed insecure, hence why I am looking for alternative configurations for my WDMyCloud that would be “more secure”. I’m also connecting from my personal computers, but because I sometimes use those to connect to work cloud resources they also have security policies enforced by the cloud provider that can restrict what I can do.


I am connecting via my local area network, I have not enabled cloud access. The firmware version might indicate the model? v04.05.00-320


In the early days of work computers needing a VPN to access the internet AND the secure servers of work, I discovered I did not need to activate the VPN if I wanted to access internet only, and if I needed to get on the work server I could just turn the VPN on or off. Doing this may enable you to use the MC.

Don’t know if things still work like this.


So, you are at home, trying to connect your personal computers to your MyCloud, which is connected to the router providing your personal local network at home?

You are not trying to connect to your MyCloud from anywhere outside your home?

I’m not sure why your employer’s cloud service would have any relevance for your local network. If my employer tried to get me to use my own computers for work purposes, a) I’d be very surprised (violating security policy) and b) would politely decline…

How exactly are you trying to connect to the MyCloud? Using File Explorer, and mapped network drives, or some other method?

Can you access the Dashboard?


Accessing the dashboard is fine. The issue is trying to access my home WDMyCloud, from a computer that is connected to my home network. The Cloud Security solution pushes down configuration rules to the computer as part of connecting to work resources, just like when you connect your phone to a work email service that then forces you to add basic security to your phone like passwords, encryption, etc. In this case the security change is to prevent unsecured network protocols, which seems to be the only way the WDMyCloud supports mapping a network drive?


If you have your own personal computers why do you try to use a work provided computer. You don’t say who you work for but if they provide the computer they have the right to say what you can do with it.


That’s a good question! I have multiple computers but sometimes want to share files between them, and also want the Windows File History to save somewhere safe. It could be argued that I shouldn’t be saving any work computer content to my NAS, but to date I’ve been able to and would like to continue if the NAS supports a secure protocol that is acceptable to my work.


It is entirely possible that bypassing your companies security policy on the company computer may be a termination or punishable offense. Now with the standard warning out of the way.

Windows typically/generally uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP and or SMB protocol to access the My Cloud and map Shares on the My Cloud. One could attempt to use NFS to map a My Cloud Share to their Windows computer. This of course assumes the company IT department isn’t on the ball and locked down NFS as well on the laptop.

See the followiong Microsoft Technet article:
Mounting an NFS shared resource to a drive letter

Don’t recall offhand if the first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud supports NFS out of the box as there is no option to enable NFS like there is on newer generation My Cloud units running v2.x firmware. But one can dig through the subforum using the forum search feature to see if they can get NFS running and map a Share using it.