Unresponsive for a few minutes during playback

For some reason anytime I play any videos, the remote becomes unresponsive. I can press stop and nothing will happen for about 4 minutes.

Pressing any button does nothing but playback continues.

I am using a Maxtor 500gb HDD with it.

I am on 1.03

Same problem with firmware 1.03. Also Anytime I fast forward or rewind the playback the controls stop working. So I get stuck and have to unplug the WDTV to restart.

This is a very frustrating defect. Probably the worst aspect of this is that I cannot “rollback” to an earlier firmware version. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am starting to shop aaround for competitor’s products tomorrow. It is really too bad because I really liked the idea of this product.


I have reported it as a bug, please vote:


Does anyone know a cure?

Found another weird problem with it.

If I switch away from HDMI1 whilst it is locked up and then press stop, it seems to stop?!

I have a panasonic TV

any news on this? … still an annoying bug if you ask me

I have a 1TB MyBook. When I filled it up completely, maybe a 100MB of free space, I seemed to remember experiencing the same problems with unresponsiveness. How much free space do you have on your 500GB drive?

I have had it only half full and experienced this issue


I have WD TV HD Gen2 with a Western Digital My Passport Essential 640Gb and it has 95% of the capacity full (565Gb/595gb) and the MKV movies/series i watch plays with hiccups…

I have to power off the device, power on again and normally after that it works fine, but sometimes i have to do it 2 or 3 times.

I can say when the disc only had 300Gb of movies, this didnt happen but now with 35Gb left on the disk it should be more than enought fot the WD TV to work correctly.

Any idea why or how to resolve?