I think I am about ready to give up, been trying to get this to work properly for a week, as far as I can tell the software appears to be at Alpha stage!

Logging into the UI takes me about 5-10 minutes, if it decides to do it, then moving between each section takes about 2-3 mins, again, if it decides to do it. (Rebooting does speed this up for about 1 hour, then back to normal)

I did manage for a while to be able to use the WD2go app, but that now appears not to see my device at all (Edit, now working after deleting app and reinstalling and setting up)

Using the WD Photo app seems to be an interesting one, it shows non of my photos on the livebook, but I think that is just due to the fact that I created separate folders in the public picture folder to make it easier for finding photos, however, it doesn’t appear to see folder structures, it seems that you have to have ALL your photos in the pictures folder.

I have reset, reformatted, rebooted the MBL all to no avail, still wont work properly in my opinion.

Trying to setup shares for the grand parents to access it, as they are overseas and the main reason for this purchase (takes time due to slowness of UI) bu as of yet nobody has managed to access them, other than my wife who sometimes manages to get in, nobody else seems to be able to, including me, it doesn’t seem to accept the passwords I set up.

I am sure there are plenty of people out there with no problems, I however, am not one of them, as far as I am concerned I have wasted a week trying to get this piece of **bleep** working the way it is meant to, but I think I have to accept it is a brick and I will have to go and by an Iomega or similar.

So, anyone else having these issues, or just me?



You may take it back to the place of purchase, you can give a second chance to another MBL or try a NAS from a different manufacturer.

Try doing a factory restore.