"Unlock.exe" fails to open password window

My Book Essential P/N:WDBACW0020HBK-00, has never given me any problems since purchasing this device over 2 years ago. In order to open this devise I routinely click on “Unlock.exe”, upon which a window opens allowing one to enter a 4 digital number, the device opens instantly. Well, not only will it not open instantly, it won’t open at all. I have this bad feeling I may have to reformat this device. Thanking in Advance for the assistance, opinion, or suggestions about this issue I’m experience with my external hard drive.


How is the drive showing under disk management?

First and foremost, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to assist
me with the issue I’m experiencing with my WD External Hard Drive.
Second, I can’t believe I left out some important information which
probably would help you pin point the problem with my HD. Initially I
received a message from Microsoft explaining the problem. The message
read: A RUN TIME ERROR as occurred. The application has requested the
RunTime to terminate the program. I asked for help to the Microsoft
community. I received 3 methods but either of them worked. So I thought
perhaps someone at the WD community might have an answer.
Third, I did what you asked. “How Is the drive showing under disk
management”. As I began looking for the information you needed, I
discovered something peculiar. Then again maybe it isn’t. What follows is
as much information I thought you needed to know and or should know to
determine what my options were.
I gathered as much information in hope that it will make things a little
bit easier.
The Hard Drive in question: Type: CD-ROM, Drive J:, File system: UDF, WD
Unlocker. WD SCSI Enclosure Devise. Devise Properties: Manufacture,
Standard CD-ROM Devise. Location: Bus number 4 Target id 0, lun 0.
Properties: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM G H60W. That’s it Boss. If I missed
something Tell me and i’ll go back for more info. The part I found
peculiar was the CD-ROM thing. It’s as if this hard drive was
re-configured? Thank You inadvance once again for your help.