Universal Remotes & WDTV Live

Ok I have a hometheater system that features a universal remote. The nice thing about this system is the fact that the remote codes are upgradable. 

So I can control the WDTV live with the HT remote. But there are a few options missing. I contacted the manufacturer and they said that the codes and their button associations are given to them by WD. So here is my request.

Currently this is what is matched

     WDTV               My HT

  • Arrow Keys = Arrow Keys
  • Enter Key    = Enter Key
  • Power          = Power
  • Back            = Menu
  • Play/Pause = Play
  • Play/Pause = Pause
  • Stop             = Stop
  • FF                = FF
  • Rev              = Rev

So I was hoping that you could add these associations to make the system FULLY functional

     WDTV        My HT

  • Home   = Guide
  • Option  = Info
  • Next      = Channel Up
  • Prev      = Channel Down
  • Eject     = Page Up or Exit
  • Search = Page Down or Previous Channel

This would make things much better. Thanks!

Is this a Harmony remote, something widely available or a remote specific to a HT system? Any way for the remote itself to “learn” commands from the WDTV remote?

No its a Bose Lifestyle system with a RF remote. While I can get a Harmony remote to control the system (it has an IR mode for other remotes) I see no reason when the system already has the codes in it and all I would need is for WD to supply Bose with an updated IR control code list. So far everything works except for those few buttons I mentioned earlier.

Thank you for the suggestion Phoenix!

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Already done  http://community.wdc.com/t5/ideas/ideapage/blog-id/idea/article-id/14 Votes would be appreciated… but I hope that would not be necessary in this case since it is something that WD already does… Just not fully.

Phoenix, I too have a Lifestyle system and WD Live, but cant get it to work at all. How did you manage it as I cant even see WD on the list of manufactuers when programming the remote.

Thanks in advance!

I, too, would love to get the code for the Bose remote from someone.

I called Bose tech support and they couldn’t find one.



Call Bose helpline . They will send u software cd’s to upgrade ur system . The new software has many new remote codes . For example they added  western digital , dream multimedia , nfusion and many more . Main thing is the software cds r free . I upgraded the software and found all new remote codes .