Unit just re-boots while watching an AVI film

Has anyone else experienced this. For no reason, the unit just re-stsrats itself and you have to go to the video section again and use the RESUME feature to continue watching :cry:

Does it still happen if you play from local storage, with the WDTV disconnected from your network?

I have not actually tried that, which I can do from a USB stick, but it does not happen ALL the time, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. It’;s just annoying more that anything, you are in to a film and suddenly the screen goes black and the unit re-starts itself. Yesterday I watched a film that was nearly 3 hrs long and it never happened at all. Today I watched an episode of a TV program (Only 45min) and it happened. All using the same network connection. I use HOMEPLUG units and have never had a problem before with these.