Unit Fault?

I have a gen 1 WD TV HD Media Player that I use to watch avi’s on a USB stick. The player is connected to the TV via a HDMI cable. The firmware on the unit is 1.03.01.

Twice in the last couple of weeks whilst watching these AVI’s, the unit has turned itself off and wiped the avi’s off the stick.

When I put the USB stick into my computer to reformat it, I am told that the USB stick is unable to be formatted. I’ve now lost two USB sticks.

Has anyone got some clue as to what is going on ?

Having such data corruption as to being unable to format a drive is serious. Try deleting the whole partition of your USB drive on disk management (Right-click computer> manage> disk management) and see if that allows you to create a fresh partition to use your USB drives.

If the problem is the media player, I’d say the USB port is failing and burning your flash drives. This is just a wild guess…

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Already tried to delete and reformat through disk management but no go. Tells me that the drive is unable to be formatted.

I may have to try a Linux reformat to see if that works.

Even my linux box won’t recognise or format the USB stick.

I’d say it’s time to throw out the WD TV and look **bleep** on me.