Uninstalling the Smarware software from my imac vs 10.5.8

I cannot believe how complicated it is to uninstall this software. I guess I should expect it since it is PC based. The software is telling me that the new drive I bought is full !  Nothing on it !  Another friend said that this software does not work properly on a mac so I should uninstall it which I would like to , but cannot figure it out.  This is sooo frustrating . . . computers and the software have gotten just too complicated and it takes away way too much time from ones work . . . I think we should all revolt !!!

Dude, what drive is it? If it’s an Essential or Elite the drive then you’ll have to format it on your Mac before you can use it, and inside the drive (Before you format it) should be an app to un-install it from your Mac.

Can you please post again with more info?