Unfortunate incident

Hello everyone, my nephew poured some luquid all over the my cloud. The cloud gone. So i opened the box and removed the hdd, because i have (or had) important uptodate documents on it. At least hdd still functional. But my computer isnt able to read that files. I search a little bit but cant find any solution, so i am asking,

Is there anyway to read wd my cloud hdd ?

(i am windows 7 user)

I am thinking that the liquid caused a short circuit in the MC and either the components in the case or the HDD itself is toast. Let it dry out, take it to a repair shop, and perhaps they can remove drive and read it and move data to another drive.

The hdd is working, circuit is toast. Pc doesnt read raw, because it is windows7.

Is there anyway to open raw file system in windows 7?

Try installing one of these and see if it can help read the drive - clickme.

The drive will be formatted for Linux, which by default Windows can’t read (hence why it’s saying “Raw”, it can’t work out what the formatting is). The software in the link should act as an intermediary and allow the read to occur, and hopefully for you to pull your data off.

I have no idea, so why not use Google to search for a way to read raw files on your win 7 and especially try Darren’s solution.

See this thread: