Unfair charges to ship you defective product under warranty

This is a complaint about the charges required to ship you back a defective product under warranty. I do not agree with your policy and the Quebec CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT protects the costumer from companies like yours. Since your product is defective, I dont feel being responsable for additional charges to get my product repaired or replaced.

RMN number is [Deleted - Privacy].

I hope an arrangement can be done, if not choices I have is to repackage the defective product with a new box and return it in a store ( not really fair to do it) or to escalate my request to the costumer protection agency.

I feel honestly betrayed by your company by trapping the costumer to pay additional fees just because your product is not good enough to last the time promised by your warranty.

Dejan Radic

While I understand where you’re coming from, please bear in mind the WD Community is a forum for Users, and regular users (People) such as yourself are unable to address concerns related to the RMA system.

Even though your experience has not been satisfactory (So far), it would be best to contact WD Support directly for further assistance.