Understanding WD smartware Backup and its location

Where does the back up reside - I assume it is on the Live Duo but I cannot see it.  I have done a sample retrieve of some files which I retrieve to a different HDD on my PC. All went well. But can I see the file even in some WD format on the live Duo?

Also will post question about the RAID side of it as I would also like to see the ‘copy’ that the RAID has created on the other drive ( I have 2 x 3 Tb configured as RAID) I can only see 1 x 3 TB- So I would like to again make sure BEFORE I delete files off my PC that they are in fact NOW on the 2 drives within the Live Duo.



Smartware defaults to a hidden share called … Smartware. You can easily get to it by just typing in the name of your device like this \MybookliveDuo\smartware.

Also note that Smartware 1.6 now has the capability to backup to other shares on the My Book Live Duo.

RAID simulatneously copies data onto both drives at the same time. This is not visible to you - only to the OS. However; you should always have a backup plan in place - RAID is not a substitution for backing up your data.

Thanks for that. Is there any articles that discuss good - appropriate- back up strategies?  To me the terms Backup and RAID whilst having a different science behind them is all about provideing a redundancy or safety of the data and felt that RAID provided me with a secure…er… form of storing the files that I ‘backed up’ via WD or other software.


Smartware defaults to a hidden share called … Smartware

I am having difficulty identifying the back up - I have folders WD Smartware but cannot see the back up files. Is there a particular extension that WD uses to contain my files or should they be just the same names and extensions that were in the original. Iask this as I think I would like to copy this back up and periodically store a copy elsewhere.

I am very confused about al this - so please bear with me.


There is another thread in this forum that has the same topic - backup and RAID. Tonyph12345 explained it pretty succintly. Take a look at that thread.

As far as smartware, I beleive that it has some level of visibility to your actual files - but I would just copy the entire directory in the smartware share to another lcoation if you want to back that up.



The software CD that accompanied my 6TB MLD installs ‘what’ and ‘where’? Is Smartware distributed with any other WD products?

Does it place an entry in the user’s login items? I assume it does because an icon appears in my menu bar. This icon ‘disappeared’ recently, I’m not sure why, and I looked for the entry in my login items and I could not find it. During the absence of this icon I could not access my NAS either … it was unavailable. Using the software CD to reinstall its contents quickly reestablished contact with my NAS and, of course, the icon reappeared.