Underscore character in share name fails - WD Live

Only alphanumeric characters and the underscore are valid when naming share folders. However, using an underscore within a share name evokes an error message stating an underscore cannot be the first character even though it is not the first. Please fix this.

Valid characters are dash and alphanumeric, not underscore and alphanumeric. Dash as in hyphen or minus sign.

Thank you for your help. The pop up that appears when I click the “i” in
a circle near the ‘name’ text box says “… Share names cannot contain
spaces or special characters except underscores.” The dash or hyphen
actually evokes error message as does other non-alphanumeric characters.

Today the underscore worked. Why? I am guessing that the first name I tried had an underscore as the first
character, which is not allowed according to another error message. I probably had to close and reopen the dashboard to clear the
error; changing the name to comply and trying again was not enough. When
I opened the dashboard today and chose a share name with an internal
underscore, it worked fine.

I was able to do a workaround, but the problem is not fixed.

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I wanted underscores in my Windows network but every time I used them I got an error. When I used dashes everything worked. Microsoft is evil.

If you are satisfied then please mark your topic solved.

I have no trouble including non-alphanumeric symbols _ and - in Windows
file names. Even more characters are accessible using the ALT character
set resulting in weird file names (but I don’t know the effect this will
have when seen across a network, especially a hybrid network using
different OSs).

As far as the original problem goes, there seemed to be a
glitch if a leading underscore is first attempted within a share name,
but there is a non-obvious work around (restart the dashboard). It would
be cleaner if simply retyping the file name sans a leading underscore
would be sufficient. However, I did get it to work and so I will wince
and mark the topic as solved.

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