Undelete files on the WD White Book?

Is it possible to undelete files on the WD White Book (!tb version)?

If so please advise how.



The files were part of a backup software or just files that you put in the drive manually?

I am interested in the same subject the files was added and deleted manually, please advise.

Many thanks.

what drive model do you have?

you will need a data recovery software…

try file scavenger

I made two sharings in two differents NAS with the same name. I delete from one, both NAS delete all files.

All my life is there…, photos, movies, and so on

Please your help Need very Much

How can I revover from My Live Book?


You might need to make sure you are copying the files to both drives and not just one

make sure to map the drives , this will allow you to assign a different drive letter and avoid confusion