Unable to view files on Internal HD

I just purchased a hub and hooked up an external hd.  The hub asked me if I wanted to copy the media and I said yes.  After it is done copying I cannot see the media when I look at either video or files on the hub menu but I see in Disk Manager that the space on the hd has gone down by the right amount for the files and when I view my network and look at the hub I can see the movies.  Is there anything else I need to do?  Thank you.

Did you press the red button and select internal storage.

Have you got the media library on or off.

Have you tried switching off the hub by pressing the power off button for about 3 seconds and then switching back on.

What media did you copy and are you looking for it under the correct menu.

Can you see it if you go via the file menu.


  1.  Yes

  2.  Media library on

  3.  Yes

  4.  I copied about 300 GB of movies, they are either .mp4 or .mkv

  5.  If I go to the file menu it says no media in internal storage

  When I view the hub over my network I am able to see the following directory structure:


In that directory are all my movies so I know they are on the hard drive.  Any help you can give is appreciated.  I called the help desk but they did not know.