Unable to Skip / fast forward / rewind videos

For the past year I have been streaming from my computer using PS3 Media Server to my Samsung TV UN40D6000SF. With this I have been able to skip 10 seconds either way or use the seek function to fast forward minuets at a time.

I now have a My Book Live using  Core F/W : 02.42.02-012 connected to my network and while I can stream my videos I can watch them very successfully but I no longer have the skip or seek functions available.

I followed these steps to switch from Twonky Media Server to WD’s DNLA Media Server thinking that this would be the solution, and it was not.

This is VITAL for me to keep as a useful product so it is essential that I have a solution if I can keep it.

Thanks for any help that is given.


At this moment the My Book Live does not have this feature. We are gathering customers’ feedback to see how we can improve our product, you may wish to join, and add to our Community Forums’ Ideas Lab at the link below. Our development team reviews these posts on a regular basis, to see the most commonly requested features by our customers.



Unless you can say that this is going to be released and updated relativly soon, I am sorry to say that I will have to return this product before my return/excahnge period ends.

Please understand, I like almost everything about it especially the personal coud server; but this is a must have. I am just unwilling to spend good money for half measures.

So please can you give me an answer. asap :slight_smile:


I’m also in the same position as Phoenix. I bought the WD My Book Live solely for the purpose of watching movies, however, if the movie stops or I lose the WiFi connection or whatever, then I need to watch the entire movie again to get to the point where I left it!

Looks like I’ll be moving back to the Xbox 360 if this cannot be fixed. :frowning:

Dunno if its any help, but I upgraded my Twonky server to ver 7.09 (from memory) and im in the same boat, fast forward or rewind wont work on my Samsung TV or Samsung Blue Ray player.

I have found that you can skip ahead slightly though using the samsung TV remote arrow keys.

Its not like proper fast forward or rewind but its better than nothing.

Might be worth checking if your the same