Unable to remotely access my cloud EX2 with OS Catalina

Since the release of OS Catalina I am unable to remotely access my WD cloud EX2, my work is depending on this and your online access is not at all reliable.

WD when are you going to listen to your costumers who spend hundreds of € on your products that are now unusable and update the app in order to solve this problem?

It is shameful that it is taking you so much time to present a working solution. You have been delivering not reliable options while we sit and wait while we are unable to work and access our files.

Admit you are failing your costumers and present a solution asap!


You could refer to the following link:


I don’t see how that link helps with the situation I refer to.

Your app is not compatible with the last OS Catalina and therefore I am not able to access my WD MyCloud EX2.

You are due to providing an update however you have failed to do so.

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