Unable to read music or video firmware 1.04.31_V



I just update my WD TV Live today and now I am unable to watch a movie or listen to music …

  I use   WD TV Live  all the time with the network share. 

When I launch a video, the blue circle loading runs without end … I restarted the box or reset the settings but the problem is the same …

His people in the same situation as me?

My firmware is now : 1.04.31_V

I’d like a solution to this problem because my case is useless :cry:


So…I have my answer…

Only one file break my WD TV LIve…

I have to turn off completely the box and everything becomes good.

if anyone knows why?
here is the file:



i have the same problem here…

i search on the internet for some problem solvers but i can’t find it, 3 months ago i had the same problem but then i updated the device and the problem and the problem was gone, and now it’s back…

i hope someone can help us?


I keep the movie if someone want more informations.