Unable to play video through media player but can through network

I am having a media access problem and not sure of the root cause.

I was given a WD-Live-TV-Plus for my birthday recently and had it set up to access video and photos on my LaCie NAS. (Network connected, not directly connected)

I was able to access and view videos  via Network menu and via the Media Player Menu. I always used the media player as it was easier and I was very pleased with the set up.

Last week I had a power glitch. It was so short the lights barely flickered but my TV/DVD player did go off. A quick power cycle brought everything back to life. I was watching TV and not viewing video at the time so didn’t notice the problem.

Next morning my NAS reported a bad drive on my raid 1, so I hot swapped it and brought it back on line. That evening I noticed I could not access my videos through the Media Player menu. I could see all the files but every time I tried to watch one, I would get this message.

“Unable to play the selected file. Please see user manual for a list of supported file formats”. I had previously been watching these videos.

However, when I connected to the LaCie through the network menu, I was able to play the videos ok.

I don’t think the problem is anything to do with the bad raid drive, but thought it best to explain all the happenings. My thought is that the WD-Live has got itself screwed up somehow on the power glitch.

I have tried all the obvious solutions such as
Power down (for over 90 minutes)
Checking for updates (up to date)
Pressing the reset button, (which did absolutely nothing).
Reverting back to factory default

My next thought is re-installing the software, is there a way to do this?

I’m also open to other suggestions. Thanks

To reiterate,
I am able to access and play video via Network Share to both my PC and NAS.
I am able to access and play video via Media Server to my PC.
I am able to access the video folder list on the NAS via Media Server but the file formats are not recognised.

My thought is that the only problem is how WD-Live-TV-Plus recognises the files via the two menus.

I downgraded the firmware to 1.03.29_B in the hope that it would rebuild a corrupt file but I still have the same issue.The problem with downgrades/upgrades is they only change certain folders. I want to be able to reinstall the firmware not just upgrade.

Has anyone experienced this or have a suggestion on a fix. All help appreciated. Thanks.

Perhaps the Media Server database got corrupted on your LaCie.   You may need to rebuild it.

As far as I can tell, the LaCie is good. I can access video from the NAS on other media players such as WMP on my Win7 PC. It just seems to be the media player on WDTV.