Unable to play selected file

Hi Everyone,

           I am having trouble media streaming some mkv files.  Some other mkv files from the same source work fine.  If I put those selected several I can’t stream on a USB stick, they play fine.  However, it tells me to refer to the manual for a list of supported formats when streaming through the media server. Its very strange that it works on the USB stick but not using the media server.  Also, most other mkv files work and all avi files work. What exactly decodes the file? Does the hd player store the codecs?  I have an external harddrive plugged directly into my router.  Once, I clicked on a file, it gave me the error.  So, I chose it again and it worked.  Why would it do that?

Any help would be appreciated. Its driving me a little crazy.

They are some files that are not supported over the network due to the codec of such file.

You will need to confirm if the media server that you are using supports MKV files

In the mean time you can use the windows shares that does work for MKV

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I switched over to sharing and now it wont play the 720 p video files.  I just got an asus that can do 300 mbps transfer and there is a d-link 150 mbps stick in the western digitial.  It plays other files that are not as high def okay. Any idea why?

I also just found out that the Asus RT-N56U Black Diamond Router does support mkv files.

I have no idea what happened. I disabled upnp on the router, re-enabled. I turned off the wd ht tv box and turned it back on.  I wonder if it will happen again.