Unable to play movies transferred from DVD-R discs

I save copies of movies played on our pay-TV network (FOXTEL) to DVD-R.  These are not copy-protected - it’s akin to saving copies of movies played on free-to-air TV - but without the ads!!

Once on DVD-R I copy them to a portable hard drive - they generate the relevant VOB files and the menu screen generated by the DVD-R recorder.  In some instances it will play the VOB files, but only one at a time - when one VOB finishes you then need to ENTER to play the next VOB in sequence.  They will not play with the menu screen generated by the recorder so I delete this file.

The WD HD media player recognises the VOB files, but when you click enter ENTER on the VOB it does nothing or it enables only one VOB to run.  Is there some way I can get these movies to be recognised by the WD HD media player and get them to run for the film as a whole?

I’m new at this posting on forums and stuff - hope this is the right way of addressing the issue.

Don’t press the OK / ENTER Button

Press the “PLAY” Button on the VIDEO_TS folder (or whatever your video folder is named)

and it should play all the VOB files one after another … (this works for non-dvd files as well)


Thank you for the response and such a simple solution !!!

You saved me much heartburn.

Thanks and cheers