Unable to play files after turning on from standby

Hello, I just purchased the WDTV Live Player, When I turn the player back on from standby, It says unable to play files, I tried ejecting before going into standby, but when I turn it back on I get : no media in current folder message, I have no problems when turning on from full shutdown, firmware has been updated, I did a full reset, I hope someone can help, thank you.

What firmware?

Did it started happening after an update?

Latest firmware, I purchased it and hooked it up and updated the firmware then played files, so I don’t know if it is because of the update, I was going to do a roll back, but WD recommends not doing a roll back to the firmware that came installed on the box, but it seems like it doesn’t play well with my particular flash drive, which is a Kingston DataTraveler 4GB, once I mount it it plays perfectly, shut down completely and turn back on still perfect the only problem is coming back from standby, I tested a Kingston SD card with a USB reader and it works perfectly, also a WD My Book which also works perfectly, The DataTraveler works fine with my DVD player that has a USB drive, coming out of standby no problem, oh well, other than that it’s a great player.