Unable to play AVCHD iso

can you guys confirm if you can or  just me? im using the latest firmware that come out.

It works.

It’s likely an issue with how it was converte to an ISO. I recommend you use a program to convert from ISO to folders properly (if possible now) and read from the folder itself. If that works, create an ISO properly again.

The program “imgburn” found errors in a FOLDER which containe a compressed BluRay. It corrected these then created an ISO of AVCHD video with menus. Note that I could play the folder despite the “errors” in ripping.

Some free programs:

  1. DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 (I use for DVD-Video to ISO. use “ISO-Read” setting I believe)

  2. DVD and BluRay (“passkey lite” to remove copy-protection and “imgburn” to create ISO’s etc)

to BUY:

DVDFab has several programs

other programs and help: