Unable to physically enter password in WD mycloud dashboard to login using Google Chrome

Hoping someone can help me here. just recently I’m physically unable to enter my password to log into my dashboard using Chrome, its bizarre. i’m able to using Edge and Firefox, but every time i click in the password space, the flashing line immediately disappears. I’m also having issues viewing jpeg thumbnails so I wonder if this is all connected somehow.

Anyone experience this before? its only happened in the last couple days.



@MrJezbo What make and model of My Cloud?
What version of Chrome?
What firmware is your EX2? 2.30.165 ??

WD MyCloud EX2
Chrome 62.0.3202.94
Latest version 2.11.164 (as you stoped pushing updates for this version)

Yea i just reinstalled windows and its fine now, something from my network side was unfix-able without a reinstall.

Thanks for your time.

Having the same problem myself. IE works fine. Chrome comes up as not secure and won’t let me enter my password. Pretty sure this started after the last major Win10 Update (a few days ago).Really don’t want to have to reinstall Windows. Hoping someone comes up with a better solution.

WD Community,

This is not a My Cloud Dashboard issue, but is how Google manages https://IPADDRESS connections

This is WD issue as…
1, my WD Cloud do not require HTTPS, but only HTTP, still issue
2, you every 100ms or so rewrite input type password and span class=“deleteicon” with JS event
3, Synology does not have this issue, and work with HTTP and HTTPS and IP without any problem, so do not blame Google, you stoped updates for this NAS, you keep it half way broken…

Some more info to 2:
Issue is causing chk_admin_key() function, that is cycling, I guess it is becouse Chrome is trying to autofill the inputs, and on every fill, you detect change and put there new password input, that run the event again…

EDIT: I wrote small script, that replace content of chk_admin_key with empty function, login work again, Google Chrome issue, SURE :slight_smile:

You really do create awesome drives, I love my WD SSD drives, but never going to buy WD NAS again


Yeah, just wrote to the console of chrome (by hitting F12) this:
function chk_admin_key(){}

Hit enter, and login will work as expected… But you must do it every login, until WD is fixing this issue

@bckp and WD My Cloud User of Chrome Browser

Like I said before, this issue, it is related the Google Chrome Browser and more specifically to the Chrome’s Smart Lock function.
If you have never accepted to “Save” the password of a MyCloud device when Chrome asked for it, and you are not using HTTPS (the Address bar will show “Not Secure”) while connecting to the MyCloud device after that, Chrome will somehow think that the connection is not secure and won’t automatically use your pre-stored
credential to logon or to connect the device.

I still don’t know yet how Chrome is judging whether a web site is secure or not. So for now, we can either remove the pre-stored credential within the Chrome browser
Settings > Advanced > Password and forms > Manage passwords > Saved Passwords, use HTTPS to connect the MyCloud device or use another browser.