Unable to open Public files

I use a Mybookliveduo configured as RAID1. The Nas is wired connected to my home network. To this network are also wired connected a Windows 7 laptop, an IMAC and a Sony Bravia Smarttv.

From all three devices I can reach the public share. Only the Windows 7 laptop is able to open and read files in the public share.

The Sony tv shows the filestructure and the files. When I click on a file however a message appears that the server cannot be reached.

The IMAC shows the folders but does not open the files. Also after connecting to the NAS with the CIFS protocol and as guest user the problem persists.

I checked all settings on the NAS and as far as I can see all are ok, though I am far from an expert.

Anyone out there who recognizes the probelem and knows a solution?


I had this problem once with a LG TV… usually when you scroll down to the file listing and hit on the folder it ask you for a user name and password. When I was using WinXP i did NOT get this problem but when I moved up to Win7 and Win8 I received this problem. I believe the answer is under the way the Windows 7 network is setup. I was having this problem with my TV and one of those tech squad person came by and fixed it. I didn’t remember excatly what he did but I can remember him changing the Network settings under Win7 because anything under the public folder does not need a password or username. I’d also like to know if anyone has the answer to this post too.