Unable to Move Files Between Shares?

Previously I was able to move a file that was in my Transmission share (folder) to another share. It seems now I can only move to another folder in the same share. For example if I try to move a file in my Transmission folder I see no options when I select move to. If I go to a folder in my main Plex folder and select a file to move I see additional options but they are restricted to folders in my Plex folder.

Am I missing something?

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This is a “feature” of the OS5 web and phone apps.

Somehow, I guess “they” think that you may not want to work with two shares at once. . . .
A few people noted this “feature” and called it a bug during the Beta test.

You can still do the moves using a PC/MAC on the network. If you are remote. . . .VPN into your home network.

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That’s a bummer. I hope they reintroduce that bug. I’m the Oddball and primarily use iOS devices for my computing so loosing this on the app is a downer but does sting as much yet since Transmission isn’t available yet.

This feature is really important, specially because moving from them App didn’t consume network bandwidth…
The new files interface is the same as the ios App and does not support that!
Please bing it back!!!

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