Unable to map MyCloud


I recently bought MyCloud, and it seemed that the device has been working smoothly, until I attempted to map the device on my Laptop (Widnows 10).

The device is connected to the LAN network, and it appears under storage devices in the Network folder, but when I start mapping the device, it does not show there.

It worked fine when I set up the Desktop App, but when I tried the Setup software, it does not detect the device, and this message appears: “make sure you have properly connected the provided ethernet and power cables and the led is a steady blue then click to rescan”.

Note that mapping worked fine on a Windows 7 PC, while my Laptop is a brand new Windows 10 Acer.

Please help!


Does mapping the network shares manually in windows 10 work?


It should. I attached a screenshot, and you can see that it does not show MyCloud there.


IS the MyCloud in the same workgroup as your PC?


Here is what shows on mine. The Mapped drive shows under, This PC. I have Windows 10 with all the latest updates.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


This is what shows on mine.


Same problem here :frowning: Any solution?


If you are using Windows 10 ensure SMB 1.0 is enabled.

Other past discussions with suggestions if using Windows 10.