Unable to manipulate files


I have set up WD2go in order that guests can access the drive and download files I want them to have access to.

Logging on with a username, password and a drive password is not an issue, but once this has happened nobody can manipulate (copy paste, duplicate etc) any file.

Am I missing something?

I look forward to hearing from someone who may be able to hlp.

Thanks in anticipation.


Did you try different computers?

Can you post the error message you are getting?


Thanks for the reply.

I have tried this on a mac and Win7 PC. The mac allows me to open finder and the PC opens a window and in both cases I can see all of the folders and files. When I try to do anything to a file I get an error message on the mac saying the files cannot be copied/pasted/duplicated (or whatever option I choose) as they are not available or may have been deleted. The PC seems to want to start the operation, but nothing happens. There is no PC error message.

I hope this helps.

PS I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum. The WD2go app works perfectly. The problem occurs when I try to access files via the web. I have set up a guest account and granted all the necassary permissions.

How are you accessing from the web… via FTP?

I am accessing the files through Firefox and the web access interface. If there is a way to access the files via FTP I would be interested to know how to do it.

Here you Go

How to access via FTP 

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